Mission is currently the second fastest growing community in BC. It is estimated that it will continue to increase in population by approximately 1000 people per year until 2025. This growth is happening now; how we envision our community in 2025 and how we envision our children’s futures begins with your vote.

I have watched and participated in the growth of our community for three decades. My goal is to have Mission be the community that others point to and say “they got it right”. I want to give a voice to both longtime residents and those who are new to Mission by giving our city the potential to grow without losing the “small town feeling” we have all come to love. In supporting our small businesses, we are encouraging the local economy and facilitating a self sufficient community. Contributing to the efforts of our volunteer groups within Mission will help to provide an enriching community for our children to thrive in.

It is a priority to me that we provide those in need with assistance and dignity. How we choose to help our homeless population can either benefit or detract from our overall sense of community. I am making an ongoing effort in educating myself so I can be more informed on the issue of homelessness and how our community can be better equipped to combat it.

Recycling is another one of my main priorities in this election. Simple, convenient recycling holds Recycle BC accountable for maintaining an efficient service. Cleaning up the garbage and recycling system within Mission will help keep our streets clean and our environment healthy.

My job as a business owner has me passionate about maintaining the current business licences. It is a priority of mine to reduce business fees when necessary to support staff and management. I will strive to fulfill our economic potential as a city, and give back to the community where needed.

If elected, I will make it my mission to make Mission a better place to live. In improving the quality of life for current residents, I hope to make a lasting impression with the generations to come.