Mission is facing numerous challenges over the next few years. Few of these challenges have been encountered in our community before. As a city councillor, I will be combating these issues and giving a voice to the people of Mission.

Population growth and the subsequent lack of affordability for housing is causing a homeless crisis within our city. The increasing taxes and the urban sprawl that have affected so many of our neighbouring communities is an issue I want to help resolve before it becomes an issue here.

Giving the homeless population a sense of dignity and unity within the community will help them in adjusting back into a contributing part of society. I hope to incorporate innovative ideas such as low cost, sustainable, restroom facilities which I have seen in action in other cities.

In the coming weeks leading up to our election, Saturday, October 20th 2018, I will continue to address concerns and provide resolutions to the issues that have been presented to me over the previous years. I will take all commentary into account, and do my best in bringing attention to any grievances I am made aware of.