My name is Doug Lifford. 

I have been a resident of Mission for the past 31 years, I am 54 years old, and have been married to my wife for the past 29 years. Together we have raised our three children within the community of Mission.

13 years ago I opened Doug Lifford Mortgage Services on First Avenue and have been operating the business while continuing to contribute to the community. Personally, I have been involved in the mortgage and finance industry, in Mission, for 30+ years. 

For the past three decades I have had the privilege to be an active member of the Mission community. This began with joining the Kinsmen Club of Mission almost 30 years ago, to becoming a recipient of the Paul Harris Award for my work with the Rotary Club of Mission. More recently I was the director of the Chamber of Commerce and have continued my work as member of not only the Chamber of Commerce, but also the DownTown Business Association.

I have been a self-employed, licensed mortgage broker for the last 15 years, however I have been working in the mortgage industry for a total of 31 years. With a team of staff members, I have managed a large broker centre, a collections team, an internal audit for a large branch network, and have overseen the small business lending portfolio. 

My wife and I have raised our three children following my parents’ lead in being an active volunteer and strong supporter of the Mission community. During their youth I was a community soccer coach for my children, totalling 10 seasons, as I shared my passion for the sport. As I have watched both my business and our community grow, I have gained perspective on what our city needs, and how I can go about continuing this growth in a sustainable way.